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What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection is also known as Close Protection. Executive Protection occurs when advanced physical and digital security is offered to a person or persons open to an increased number of threats or risks because of their employment, status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location compared to the average person.

It’s an advanced form of personal protection because it requires technical expertise applicable to the overall safety of upper-class individuals and persons affiliated with them. Also, prim Executive Protection is usually provided by agents and security advisors who are seasoned protective security operators with prior military training and direct combat experience.

The difference between Executive Protection and Bodyguard Protection Services

While an Executive Protection Company provides the same service as a Bodyguard, the manner of approach is different. The Bodyguard reacts when danger occurs, but an Executive Protection Company takes action before a potential risk becomes an imminent peril. 

So while a Bodyguard is reactive to danger, an Executive Protection Company goes ahead of any such possibility to prevent it — we’re talking advance tactics, route reconnaissance, embus and debus plans, area surveillance, movement safety, the whole nine yards. These aren’t tenets Bodyguards operate.

Executive Protection is always recommended over Bodyguard protection for a public figure or high net-worth individual as these individuals are exposed to advanced risks that can only be dealt with by advanced tactics.


Why You need Executive Protection

You need Executive Protection Services if you’re someone who wants to get a deeper and more proficient layer of security for yourself or your family because of your high societal stance as a public figure, celebrity, or ultra-high net-worth individual.

Executive Protection provides an advanced form of security that lets you safely continue your everyday routines without unwarranted disruptions and move from one place to another seamlessly and privately. You also get to seamlessly ensure the safety of those affiliated with you, both physically and digitally.

So, in a nutshell, if you or persons you’re affiliated with fall under the designated clientele for Executive Protection services — persons exposed to advanced risks because of their societal status, you should really consider getting Executive Protection.

However, Executive Protection isn’t for everyone, and not every situation requires protection, so if you’re still unsure about needed security, despite falling within the designated group of clientele and giving it due consideration, perhaps a free consultation with us for a brief period will help. 

You can also check out our blog post on the topi— that’ll certainly help too.

At Security Pro, we’re in the business of advising persons with advanced security needs on the tenets of their very needs and connecting them with the very best the field of Executive Protection has to offer — we’re talking the cream of the crop, organizations with talented Executive Protection agents that we have researched and we believe have the experience needed to give you the security you need.

Life is invaluable, plain and simple, and protecting human life in any possible way is the cornerstone of our operations.

What to expect from an Executive Protection Agency

When you hire Executive Protection Services through Security Pro, you get connected to one or more of the very best Executive Protection Agencies in the field. But of course, it helps to know what to expect from an Agency providing you with Executive Protection, in simple terms.

Generally, from the Executive Protection Agencies we connect you with, you’d expect protective services like armed escorts, international travel protection, armed vehicle transportation, route and venue reconnaissance or clearance, security advance, and surveillance, the whole nine yards generally speaking.

But you can also expect the following precise requirements and goodies from the Executive Protection providers we connect you with:

  • Requests for your personal information

  • A customized Executive Protection Plan tailored to your security needs

  • Well-equipped Executive Protection Agent(s)

  • Low profiles maintained by your Executive Protection Agent(s)

  • Logistical and technical support from Intelligence specialists at the Agency

  • Excellent communication among you, your agent(s), and the Agency

  • Smooth and seamless travel movements and arrangements

These are the basics to expect from the Executive Protection Agencies we connect you with. It helps to know from the jump that the role of an Executive Protection Agency, particularly the organizations we work with, goes beyond more than just protection. 

It’s now similar to the role of a personal concierge, so your protection is ensured on all fours, and there’s no room for a security lapse that criminals can take advantage of.

If you have any further concerns about your expectations from Executive Protection services, especially in relation to your peculiar security needs, why not have a brief chat with us for free once you have the time?

You can count on Security Pro as your one-stop shop for answers to your concerns about the tenets of Executive Protection services. You can also check our padded blog posts for content on what to expect from Executive Protection Agents and Agencies. Who knows? The answers you’re looking for may be right there, only one click away.

Are Executive Protection Services affordable?

Every client has different security needs, which only makes the capacity to determine the cost of Executive Protection services on a broad scale almost nonexistent. However, Executive Protection, like any other necessity, doesn’t come cheap, and we know that can be a bitter pill to swallow, particularly for the extra prudent high net-worth individual.

So, at Security Pro, we work with the best Executive Protection Providers that offer several flexible pricing formats without sacrificing the high quality of Executive Protection agents and services you’re bound to receive. 

With the Executive Protection Providers we connect you with, you can rest assured that you’re getting not just your money’s worth but more than that, as the organizations we partner with have a credible reputation in the industry for going above and beyond client expectations.

How to hire Executive Protection Services

What can’t you find on the internet today if you just look hard enough? You could easily search Executive Protection Agencies on your mobile device and Google lays out many options for you to pick from. So what could be so complicated about hiring an agency?

In basic terms, Credibility. That’s what makes the process of hiring Executive Protection Services a dire one.

You have to be sure you’re hiring a tip-top Agency with proficient Executive Protection Agents that can handle your peculiar security needs. And you can only ascertain this criterion successfully through deep research that would require frequent engagements with these companies and industry knowledge.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but that’s where we come in. 

At Security Pro, we’re well-versed in researching Executive Protection companies or agencies by conducting due diligence and maintaining frequent engagements with players in the industry. These give us the relevant information we’re usually after as to the proficiency of the researched organization(s) in handling any types of security needs, particularly those of our clients.

So through us, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting connected with the very best in the field of Executive Protection.

Our process typically begins with a brief and free consultation offered to you so we get a grasp of your security needs. From there, we hit the ground running, get to work, and search out the most proficient Executive Protection Providers for you to work with.

What happens after hiring an Executive Protection Company?

After we connect you with an adequate Executive Protection Company that can handle your security needs, the immediate next step that the company takes is Risk Assessment. 

Risk assessment is usually a time-intensive and in-depth process, but it objectively assesses your most pertinent security issues.

The assessment process will gauge the threat, vulnerability, and risk issues you’re challenged by, factoring in such priorities as the type of field you operate in, the notoriety of your field or industry, and the kind of opposition groups or people you would have encountered as a result of your status. 

Once the assessment phase is complete, the company will draw up an Executive Protection program outline based on the earlier identified threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

The program outline will address the identified issues through a spectrum of mitigation strategies intended to be cost-effective and proactively efficient. Examples of these mitigation strategies common to most situations include using trained security drivers, protective intelligence gathering and analysis, embus and debus procedures, plans for public and private events, and surveillance detection programs. The company will provide you with an understanding of the implications of adopting these mitigation strategies.

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