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How to develop a Successful Journey Management Plan for your Executive Travel Protection

An assessment of travel risks, plans, and defensive techniques ensuring your safety when you travel overseas are the upshots of a Journey Management Plan. Let’s see how to develop one as part of your Executive Travel Protection effectively. Executive Travel Protection is a needful venture for the well-heeled guys and gals of the world. If […]

Ten Essential Skills an Executive Protection Agent must have

“Executive Protection is an art; Executive Protection agents are the artists” — Security Pro. Learn about the necessary skills to look out for in a good Executive Protection agent you’d like to hire. You can learn about these relevant skills here if you’re looking to upskill as an Executive Protection agent too. As much as […]

Top Seven Skills of a Private Investigator

Being a Private Investigator requires a certain level of efficiency, proficiency, and professionalism that people can only meet with specific skills that set them apart. What are these skills? We’re here to examine them. You’ve probably seen one of Hollywood’s many detective movies churned out over the years where the hero with his ‘Sherlock Homes’ […]

How to conduct a Successful Corporate Investigation

“If Corporate Investigation were easy, it would be called an Inquiry.” — Security Pro. This doesn’t mean you’re destined to face a complex process every time you undertake Corporate Investigation though. To wit, you’ll learn here, how to efficiently conduct a successful internal or external corporate investigation process. In an age where scrutiny takes center […]

Reasons why Companies suffer from Insider Threats

Technology and Business can be described today as two sides of the same coin; a business’s ability to upscale is currently tied to the necessary availability of technology in its work ecosystem. So, digitalization and cybersecurity are central to the growth, maintenance, and success of businesses in our modern society.  We need to establish this […]

Reasons why Companies need to implement Travel Security Programs

A recurrent question in the corporate world is, “what is a travel security program?”  Put simply, it’s a package that helps companies and their employees understand their duties and obligations in ensuring travel security during trips made for the company’s benefit. For more context, we can interpret the concept of a travel security program as […]

Six Salient Advantages of Hiring a good Executive Protection Agent

“The protection of a man’s person is more sacred than the protection of his property” — Thomas Paine. Get conversant with the deep-rooted advantages of hiring an Executive Protection agent to procure your safety and security.  Realizing whether you need Executive Protection can sometimes be challenging, even for a high net-worth individual. Yes, we all […]

Hiring a Private Investigator: Key Measures You should be familiar with

Hiring a Private Investigator without proper guidance can be a stressful process that leaves you on tenterhooks and with more worries than you would have bargained for. Here, you’ll be exposed to relevant measures and steps you can take to make the process of hiring a Private Investigator easy and uncomplicated for yourself. You think […]

Hiring a good Executive Protection Agent: Factors you should consider

In ensuring your safety and security, finding a good Executive Protection Agent is the all-important nudge you have to weigh up. Learn the relevant mechanisms by which you get to make sure you’re getting the best hands to manage your Executive Protection needs. Executive Protection is an art, and Executive Protection agents are the artists. […]