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Private Investigator -
Hire Corporate Investigators

Private Investigator -
Hire Corporate Investigators

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At Security Pro, we offer connections to proficient, trusted, and top-class private investigators across the United States of America to help uncover the evidence you need as soon as possible. The private investigators we work with deal with all types of cases — personal, corporate, digital, forensic investigations, you name it — and offer customized services with the utmost professionalism.

Our network’s Private Investigation Service providers treat every case with the required respect and dignity. No issue is too big or too small.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do and how we provide you with value for expended resources, you can easily schedule a brief and free consultation with us or contact us anytime. We’re ever-ready to help you uncover the truth you need.

Who is a Private Investigator?

A Private Investigator — also known as a Private Detective — is an independent contractor you hire to provide you or your organization with evidence related to a legal, criminal, or business investigation. They uncover facts and evidence, gather clues, analyze information, and provide you with the results of their investigation.

So you could correctly presuppose that Private Investigators have a keen eye, excellent observation skills, and an analytical mind. They often use several surveillance and investigative techniques to gather accurate and helpful information related to a situation or subject matter for their hirer.

Private Investigators are licensed to practice in the state where they work, and they could either full-time as employees or be contracted to work with private detective firms, police departments, private businesses, and organizations, as well as individual clients. 

Are Private Investigators part of Law Enforcement?

The short and simple answer is no. Private Investigators aren’t part of Law Enforcement and aren’t Law Enforcement Officers. Government agencies hire Law Enforcement Officers to investigate criminal matters only, while private individuals or organizations employ Private Investigators to investigate criminal or civil issues related to infidelity, background checks, asset location, fraud, etc.

It’s also noteworthy that Private Investigators are regular civilians in the eyes of the law, and they don’t have special investigative privileges like public law enforcement agents regarding criminal investigations.

So yes, even the Sherlock Holmeses of Private Investigators have the same legal authority as any other civilian, except that they offer people investigative services.

Who needs Private Investigators?

Private investigators are usually hired by people or companies dealing with civil or criminal matters that require surveillance, documentation, or research. So if you fall within this category and have a case requiring investigation to establish the truth or falsity of a concern, you would need the help of a Private Investigator.

However, more clarification needs to be made here on Private Investigators offering their services for criminal matters. Can Private Investigators handle criminal cases as we see in movies or on TV? The answer is yes, but other considerations are involved, which make it difficult for Private Investigators to handle criminal matters as much as civil matters. 

First, crimes are usually investigated by the government and not private individuals, which creates considerable difficulty for a Private Investigator handling a criminal matter, especially given that they’re mere civilians without special investigative privileges according to the law. Due to this, they usually find it challenging to access evidence for analysis.

Second, dealing with criminal matters, especially serious crimes, would require an extra level of revenue for the Private Investigator since, given all the existing hindrances to the optimal performance of their job, they’ll have to expend more resources than usual to find the information you need and analyze it to give you an informed insight.

So if you’re coming at a Private Investigator with a criminal case in hand, this doesn’t mean they can’t handle it — far from it; but other considerations will need to be taken into account.

Where do Private Investigators work?

It can be challenging to pinpoint one area or space where you’re confident that Private Investigators operate because their skills are in high demand in several industries. That’s why they’re talented enough to take on different types of cases and offer value for money at the same level as if these cases are no different from one another.

Some areas where the skills and expertise of Private Investigators are valuable include computer forensics, personal protection, undercover investigations, client or employee screening, crisis intervention, and polygraph services, among others.

So unless a Private Investigator decides to specialize their career in a particular area like cyber forensics or fraud, they can work in various spaces where their skills prove helpful in acquiring intelligence related to a case or matter.

What to expect from a Private Investigator

The approach taken by a Private Investigator to a case depends on the tenets of that case. For instance, the way a Private Investigator would approach a missing person case would be different from a case of online fraud. Still, regardless of the type of case you place before an investigator, it’s a given that their main goal is gathering and analyzing information that can help you establish the truth of a matter.

In achieving this goal, you can expect some of the following techniques to be adopted by a Private Investigator:

  • Undercover investigation

  • Background Check

  • Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Documenting and reporting the results of the investigation

  • Undertaking Interviews

  • Conducting well-informed Research

Also, the private investigators we work with at Security Pro follow a strict set of standards generally dictated by state law and are members of professional investigator organizations, which also require them to work under a set of bylaws or a code of ethics.

If you’d like a further discussion on what to expect when you hire a Private Investigator, we’d be more than happy to assist you through a brief and free consultation which you can schedule with us anytime you want. You can also contact us as well; we’ll be on ground to attend to your concerns.

At Security Pro, we only work with the best Private Investigators we have researched and engaged extensively. The Private Investigation firms within our network have advanced employee requirements that back their capacity to handle any type of case you may have with their best sets of hands — we’re talking a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or similar programs and prior experience in the criminal justice field and other areas of law enforcement.

So you can rest assured that your expectations will be met adequately and professionally.

How to Hire a Private Investigator

Hiring an efficient Private Investigator is a different process from what you’ve seen in the movies — you don’t just enter the first office with a door plaque that says ‘Private Investigator’ and meet with a crazed investigator with an IQ above 160. That’s not how it works in real life.

You have to establish the credibility of whomever you hire, be sure they can handle your matter, and provide you with actionable insights to develop the truth about your case. And that process can be so tedious that you decide to forego it and just wing the entire process. That also isn’t advisable because you can’t be sure you’re getting the best value for your money with that arrangement.

And this is where we come in. At Security Pro, we’re in the business of researching and connecting you with the best professionals in the fields of security and investigation. We have amassed several Private Investigation firms within our network that we’re sure have the professional capacity to handle inquiries into any type of matter you need to examine.


The process starts with scheduling a free consultation with us whenever you want or contacting us for more information. Through us, you can easily get connected to the cream of the crop in the Private Investigation industry, and stay rest assured that the truth of your matter will be established properly and professionally.

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