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Top 7 World Cities Where You Should be Transported in an Armored Vehicle

Top 7 World Cities Where You Should be Transported in an Armored Vehicle

Are you looking to travel sometime soon? Awesome! But you should know a bit about the apparent dangers in certain territories; learn about the places where you’d have to gear up for extra protection to stay safe.

Conflict is unavoidable, and it continues to grow in our world today for different reasons ranging from religious extremism, particularly in Islamic states, country hegemony (case in point: Russia going up against Ukraine), and politically incited violence, especially in parts of Africa, to mention a few. 

These troubled zones are most turbulent for tourists who do not have deep knowledge of the territory they’re visiting.

And that is one of several reasons you would need Executive Protection as a high-profile individual. As a busy individual (celebrity, politician, or even business executive), you may not have all the time in the world to do an ample understudy of the country or city you’re visiting. That lack of preparation could be detrimental to your trip and, quite possibly, your well-being if a thorough plan isn’t drafted.

Professionally trained Executive Protection agents take it upon themselves to assess potential vulnerabilities, carry out risk assessments with the aid of locals in your intended destination or with the help of a security network, and identify your logistical needs if it’s imperative for you to make that trip.

This means you may have to become familiar with the need to ride in bulletproof hire rides, plan route reconnaissance, embus and debus, the whole nine yards when it comes to Executive Protection.

Without further ado, here’s a compilation of the top seven world cities where you’d ideally require armored vehicles for safe mobility:

  1. Tijuana

Tijuana is situated in Mexico. It’s a populated city with over two million residents and is home to the Tijuana cartel, otherwise known as the Arellano-Felix Organization – a famous drug cartel that has been described as one of the most influential and violent criminal groups in Mexico. The organization is currently referred to as the New Generation Tijuana Cartel.

This city is the most dangerous to move in because statistically, in 2022, the homicides rate in Tijuana was 138 for every 100000 people living in the city. Close to seven people lose their lives in this city every day.

And it’s an unsurprising figure as a drug-infested city would naturally be accompanied by gun violence, grand corruption, kidnapping, and gang clashes. Moving with an armored car is imperative to avoid getting into the mix of violent encounters.  

  1.  Acapulco

Situated in Mexico, Acapulco was a second home to A-list celebrities in the 1950s. It was indeed a picturesque and one-time secure destination. To encourage tourist visits, the Mayor of Acapulco – Mayor Velazquez, created a police unit known as the Tourist Police, which is responsible for ensuring the security of visitors to the city. Unfortunately, things haven’t been as rosy since the latter years leading into the 2000s.

In 2017, Acapulco was dubbed ‘Mexico’s murder capital’, having worn the badge of Mexico’s most violent city from 2012 till 2016.  In one of its record high-murder-rate years – the year 2016 – approximately 461 people had been killed by gangsters in the city within the first half of the year, including taxi drivers, business owners, and security personnel.

The city is home to gang strongholds: extortionists, assassins, and car thieves, to mention a few. Without a doubt, if you fail, as a high-profile individual, to move with Executive Protection agents in an armored vehicle here, you’d be at an increased risk of falling prey to gang attacks.

  1. Caracas

Caracas is located in Venezuela. It’s often regarded as one of the world’s top three most dangerous cities due to the violent crimes there, particularly car-jacking. These crimes result from dire poverty and a consistent breakdown of law and order in the city. 

Assassination figures in Caracas are currently placed at 100 deaths in 100,000 people. That should inform anyone going there that they’ll need extra protection, especially if they’re high-profile individuals.

Due to the city’s unrest, many automobile workshops have continuously stripped down luxury rides to convert them into armored fortresses. This is due to the current surge in demand for armored cars in the city.

So the city’s security situation is as volatile as it gets; for anyone visiting, it’d be best to move around not just in an armored vehicle but also in the company of agile Executive Protection agents who can expertly rescue you from possibly dangerous situations.

  1. Natal

If you’re a soccer fan, you must have heard of this city in Brazil since that’s where the 2014 FIFA World Cup Competition was hosted.

The city of Natal is located in the northeast part of Brazil and is one of the top cities in the world where crimes of all types occur, including physical and sexual assault, robbery, and car theft, among others. The primary reason for the high crime rate in this city is its usual gang violence. 

Nonetheless, it’s still a popular destination for many tourists even though the homicide rate is 75 per 100,000. It’s a city where you’d need to be transported in an armored vehicle and with Executive Protection agents that can ensure your safety if you’re a high-profile individual.

  1. St. Louis

St Louis, Missouri, has been ranked as the most dangerous city in the United States of America due to its high crime rate. Nonetheless, the city receives about 25 million visitors annually, a surprising statistic considering its homicide rate of 66 per 100,000 people, making it the city with the highest murder rate in America.  

According to data collected from over 18,000 local law enforcement agencies, the most common crimes in St. Louis are property crimes such as burglary, theft, and car theft. However, the second most common crime is assault, with approximately 14 assaults occurring per 100,000 people in the city, more than five times the U.S average.

These violent crimes are, however, concentrated in neighborhoods like Peabody-Darst-Webbe, Old North Saint Louis, and Wells-Goodfellow, impoverished areas besieged by gang activity. 

So besides the listed areas and neighborhoods, the city should be safe for tourists. Still, if you’re a high-profile individual with business in these impoverished areas, it would be best to be transported there with extra protection.

  1. San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is located in Honduras. The city was earlier known to be the murder capital of the world because of its high murder rate of 169 deaths per 100,000 people. The number of people that live in extreme poverty is very high in this city, and attacks on locals and foreigners are a recurring factor. 

Other crimes like armed robbery and sexual assault are widespread in this city, and there have been numerous reports of petty theft reported in this city by visitors and local citizens. 

  1. Durban

Durban is the third largest and busiest city in South Africa after Johannesburg and Capetown. This city’s poverty level is very high and is known for its serious crimes like rape, murder, and robberies. In 2021, the city recorded 1,727 murders among a population of 4 million, giving it a murder rate of 43.4 per 100,000, up from 40.5 in 2019/20.

One of the reasons for the high crime rate is the political instability in its region, so if you’re traveling there, you should consider moving with extra protection and in an armored vehicle.

These are some of the top cities in the world where the most danger has been recorded; as mentioned earlier, being a high-profile individual means you may be required to travel from place to place at different times. It would be essential for you to know the safety levels of your destination at times and plan for your security and protection.

And we can help you with this at Security Pro. We’re in the business of researching and connecting you with the best professionals in the field of Executive Protection – agents and agencies skilled in handling logistics and prepping you on how to protect yourself best when heading into dangerous territory.

If you’ve got any concerns, we’d be happy to discuss them with you through a brief and free consultation session; you can also contact us directly to get started on your security scheme as soon as possible.