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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis Management


What is a Crisis?

Crises occur as the result of unpredictable events earlier considered as potential risks. These threats to organizational sustenance almost invariably require that decisions be made quickly to limit damage to the organization.

There are four common elements to a crisis: (a) a threat to a company, (b) the element of surprise, (c) a short decision time, and (d) a need for change. So, the defining characteristic of a Crisis is the need for change it causes; if an event threatening a company’s stability doesn’t facilitate change, that event would much better be described as a mere incident or company failure.

What is Crisis Management?

Now, what does Crisis Management mean? Crisis Management is how a company successfully handles a disruptive or unexpected event that can harm its operations. 

It’s easy to confuse Crisis Management with Risk Management; after all, they both look to address threats, risks, and vulnerabilities to a company’s operations; however, where Crisis Management differs is that, unlike Risk Management, Crisis Management deals with threats before, during and after they have occurred. Risk Management only deals with addressing potential threats and finding ways to quiet them before they occur.

When a company employs Crisis Management techniques, action will be required in four key areas: Crisis Prevention, Crisis Assessment, Crisis Handling, and Crisis Termination. 

So with Crisis Management techniques, your company can be well prepared for unexpected threatening events, responding adequately to these events, maintaining clear lines of reporting and communication in the event of a crisis, and coming up with rules for crisis termination.

Types of Crises requiring Crisis Management

Companies may be forced to deal with various crises unexpectedly, and it is essential to identify them since they require crisis management strategies. The different types of emergencies companies can face include the following:

  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and storms

  • Digital technology breakdowns

  • Confrontational crises like riots, protests, boycotts, picketing, and sit-ins

  • Crisis of Malevolence like product tampering, kidnapping, reputational damage, malicious rumors, and cybercrime perpetrated by third parties

  • Workplace Violence

  • Terrorist attacks or manufactured disasters like global financial crises, transportation accidents, or massive physical destruction of company property.

These crises can occur anytime, and without warning, they often yield unpredictable and cascading effects on employee morale, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and even the supply chain. As such, it’s necessary to have proper planning in place for these emergency events.

Why is Crisis Management Important?

Crisis Management is key to any organization looking to protect itself from damage to its reputation, operations, and profitability.

Crisis Management helps organizations stay prepared to face unexpected developments and adverse conditions with courage and determination. It also helps employees adjust seamlessly to any sudden changes in company operations and allows them to understand why these changes are taking place and how they can cope in the best possible way.

Crisis Management

Futuristically, Crisis Management also helps company managers devise strategies to help their companies escape unexpected situations. It also helps company managers predict incoming crises and the necessary precautions that can be taken against them.

Who needs Crisis Management?

The industry your company operates in doesn’t matter — if your company has a potential or breaking crisis, you should consider having Crisis Management solutions which you get these solutions by hiring a Crisis Management Firm. 

However, if you’re unsure if your company’s situation can be classified as a crisis, perhaps a brief and free consultation with us can help clarify that. You can also contact us whenever you’re available; we’ll be on ground and ready to attend to your needs.

What we do at Security Pro is straightforward — we provide individuals and organizations in need of protection with access to the industry’s best professionals. We work with tip-top, cream-of-the-crop professionals with extended crisis management and resolution experience and a proven track record to boot. 

We aim to connect you with the industry’s best professional crisis management service providers.

How to Hire a Crisis Management Firm

To handle crises effectively, you need to have strategically adequate crisis management solutions in place, and to have these solutions, you need a professional Crisis Management Firm to assist you and your company’s stakeholders.

However, hiring a firm you’re sure has the requisite capacity to handle your company’s crisis management needs is a different ball game altogether. You can easily search for a firm online; voila, you’re in an office speaking to a supposed top gun in the crisis management field. 

But that’s way too risky, especially given that you’re trying to save not just yourself but your company (to which many other lives are tied) from catastrophic hits and dangers. 

So you have to be careful when hiring a Crisis Management Firm. You must be sure that the Firm can provide you with the goods you need to protect yourself and your company in the best way possible. 

Now, having to establish the credibility of every Firm you come across can be a tricky deal, especially if you have a hectic schedule; so how can you take that burden off your shoulders easily and still rest assured that you’re getting connected to the best professional Firms with Crisis Management experience? 

You do that through Security Pro, where establishing organizational credibility, professionalism, and authenticity is right up our forte.

We’re in the business of researching and connecting you with the best protection providers in the industry that we have engaged with, and we have taken the necessary time for, to ensure that they have the personal and professional capacity to provide you with the protection you seek.

To learn more about how we do this, and start your process of getting connected to efficient Crisis Management Firms that can handle your protection needs, quickly schedule a brief and free consultation with us or contact us. We’re always buzzing to help individuals and organizations needing protection; you just need to reach out first.

What to expect from a Crisis Management Firm

So you’re looking to hire a Crisis Management Firm, or you already have reached out to us to be connected with a Firm that can handle any potential crises your company could face in time to come; you’d want to know what to expect.

The Crisis Management Firms within our network work towards providing you with different types of crisis management solutions, including crisis communications, crisis response, crisis preparedness — planning and training, to protect your company physically and digitally. The Firm will aim to provide you with flexible solutions for any issues that may pop up against your company.

Crisis Management includes establishing a crisis management team and developing a crisis management (CM) plan to keep people from harm, maintain business continuity, enable recovery from disaster, and protect assets before, during, and after a critical event.

So, there will be an extensive risk assessment for identifying any threats and vulnerabilities to your company, following which the Firm will develop an apt crisis management plan for you, set up proactive crisis communication teams, and provide relevant training for your company’s stakeholders to help them manage crises more strategically.

Also, since employees play a critical role in successful crisis engagement, the Firm will work closely with your employees, giving them accurate information on ways to respond appropriately during a crisis and maximizing their involvement in the crisis management process.

More importantly, the Crisis Management Plan the Firm develops will be evaluated and tested to determine whether the plan’s components are necessary and adequate to protect, manage and recover from a critical event, and to assess the feasibility of planned actions. The Plan will be tested against specific scenarios to allow the Crisis Management Firm to collect accurate contact information revealing any gaps in the intended flow of operations.

To learn more about what to expect from a Crisis Management Firm you hire through Ssecurity pro, you can schedule a brief and free consultation with us anytime you please or contact us. We’ll be more than happy to clarify this parameter for you; after all, you’re entitled to know what value you’ll be getting for your money from our affiliate firms.

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