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Top 10 High-Risk Destinations You should Not Visit without Executive Protection Services

Top 10 High-Risk Destinations You should Not Visit without Executive Protection Services

Are you a Very Important Person (VIP) thinking about traveling to a volatile environment anytime soon without Executive Protection? Think again.

Top Ten High-Risk Destinations You should Not Visit without Executive Protection Services

It’s becoming increasingly unsafe for Executives to travel without engaging Executive Protection services. This is because digital cyber attacks, assassination attempts, physical stalking, kidnapping, etc., are some of the eminent threats faced by top corporate executives today. 

By the job description itself, corporate executives must regularly embark on overseas trips to carry out various responsibilities for the firms they represent. However, in particular foreign territories an Executive would frequent, their safety risk level could be heightened because of the increased spontaneity of targeted attacks meted against them.

These attacks are usually founded on varying motivations, but most notably, personal vendetta, which is why you, as a VIP, will need to up the ante by introducing Executive Protection retinue to your mobility, especially when you intend to travel to risky locations across the globe. 

Without further ado, here are some of the most dangerous destinations in the world you are advised to only visit with the company of Executive Protection agents for your safety:

  1. Iraq

Besides the lousy image Iraq gets, the country’s also known to be a heavyweight in the global petroleum sector owing to its abundant natural resources. Little wonder top corporate executives often make their way down to Iraq to broker petroleum deals that’ll be instrumental to meeting their companies’ Key Performance Index (KPI)

However, for the longest time, the war-torn country has been riddled with all sorts of attacks that make it inhabitable, unsafe, and unfit for business trips. These attacks range from terrorism sprouting from the rise in the number of armed groups and insurgents to civil action and human rights violations, among other security challenges. 

And because of these, Iraq has been ranked the most terrorized country in the world.

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is another petroleum-rich country bedeviled by insecurity, corruption, etc. Just recently, a past president of the African country refused to step down and postponed initially proposed election dates, causing national civil unrest. 

Furthermore, there have been reported cases of widespread prison breaks, augmenting the level of insecurity within the country. Locations like Eastern Kivu and Kasai, as well as other border regions within the country, are notorious for spontaneous violent demonstrations. 

If you certainly don’t fancy being a victim of circumstance, it would be in your best interest to garner Executive Protection before embarking on any business trips to a territory such as this.  

  1. Nigeria

For many reasons, Nigeria is a one-time choice business destination for top business executives. However, the country is now ranked as the second most terrorized nation in the world, only second to Iraq. 

Nigeria is a country that isn’t new to joint ventures and investments, and this is a result of its massive petroleum wealth. However, with the rise in kidnappings, Jihad-inclined wars, banditry, and other challenges, it’s difficult not to pinpoint the country as a dangerous destination for VIPs. 

  1. Pakistan

It’s a real bummer, but although Pakistan possesses an abundance of petroleum resources, there’s almost little to no redemption for its image, considering the constant human rights violations in its territory.

Pakistan’s human rights violations are so infamous that it is ranked third on the list of countries with a bad reputation! It is also the sixth most dangerous country for Christians in the world. 

To put this into context, Pakistan is in a class of its own, sharing the same stage as Iraq and Iran. Besides religious discrimination, Pakistan is also known as a place where women are targeted as objects of subordination.

So as a corporate top-shot, you can see, on a surface level, how unsafe it would be for a high-value individual to parade the country without Executive Protection. 

  1. Somalia

Al-Shabab. Ring a bell? Yes! The most lethal extremist group in Africa (with ties to Al-Qaeda) operates within this country. 

Though we can’t undermine the importance of the nation’s coal resources in the business world, it doesn’t alter the fact that this country has serious issues with non-Muslim people and corporate bodies. 

  1. Ukraine

This is a country renowned for its natural gas resources. Still, this positive reputation has been reduced to rubble, especially with the advent of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

What you may find astonishing, however, is that Ukrainian executives, officials, and activists have become prime targets in Ukraine for a while now. 

In addition to the ongoing war in Ukraine, this unfortunate occurrence is why the country makes this list. It would not be advisable to visit Ukraine at the moment without Executive Protection.

  1. Libya

Though this country has abundant natural gas resources, which would naturally attract companies and their executives, it’s also facing the challenge of insecurity in various forms – the most prominent being civil unrest.

And this unrest is expected to heighten due to Libya’s recurring political rifts and issues that give terrorists like the Al-Qaeda affiliated groups the levity they require to perpetrate evil and cause increased insecurity throughout the country.

Libya is currently ranked 151 on the Global Peace Index, and this figure is bound to depreciate and pose more problems for executives who visit the country for business purposes as terrorists or civil unrest groups can always attack them.

  1. Afghanistan

This is another wealthy natural gas State with security challenges. This destination is notorious in the United States of America due to the U.S. Government’s several peacekeeping missions to Afghanistan. 

Following the seizure of power by the Taliban, it’s a no-brainer that the incumbent government is bound to receive blowback as a result of the forceful seizure from the former government. This challenge is what Afghanistan is currently dealing with, in addition to the activities of Islamic terrorists.  

  1. Egypt 

Natural gas, petroleum, military coups, terrorism, religious intolerance. These are representative concepts of modern-day Egypt, and they have placed the country on this list. 

While Egypt possesses excellent appeal as a choice investment destination within Africa, it’s recommended that business executives only visit, flanked by Executive Protection agents due to the country’s recurring political instability.

  1.  United States of America (USA)

You’re definitely wondering why the good ol’ U.S of A is on this list. It’s only for equilibrium purposes. 

The role of Executive Protection agents is not only limited to physical protection but also to digital security. This digital intrusion parameter is why we have the U.S.A. on our list.

While the States is indeed the land of opportunity and one of the most technologically advanced territories, it is also one of the countries that deal with the highest rate of cybercrime and, resultantly, financial losses to the tune of billions of dollars

Indeed, the USA has one of the most efficient cybercrime tackling mechanisms; however, to ensure that there are no loose ends, you should advisably employ professional Executive Protection Services before embarking on a trip to avoid dealing with data theft, cyberstalking, and the whole nine yards when it comes to cyberattacks.


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