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How to develop a Successful Journey Management Plan for your Executive Travel Protection

How to develop a Successful Journey Management Plan for your Executive Travel Protection

An assessment of travel risks, plans, and defensive techniques ensuring your safety when you travel overseas are the upshots of a Journey Management Plan. Let’s see how to develop one as part of your Executive Travel Protection effectively.

Executive Travel Protection is a needful venture for the well-heeled guys and gals of the world. If you’re a high net-worth individual, you’ll always need to move from one city or country to another for different reasons — business or leisure — and you should know that your superior position, primarily if known to many people, puts you at risk whenever you travel. 

We live in an imperfect world, and at some point, there will always be someone with ill intentions looking to harm or steal from you for their benefit because they’re not in the same comfortable and privileged position as you. Granted, that’s no excuse, which is why it’s your responsibility to ensure your 100% guaranteed travel security at every given opportunity — and you do this through Executive Travel Protection.

Executive Travel Protection services will include having security experts travel alongside you through areas and territories where you may be at risk of getting attacked, mugged, or kidnapped. These services will mainly comprise journey risk assessment and management toward ensuring your total physical and digital security whenever you travel.

This takes us to Journey Management — our primary focus. What does this mean?

Journey Management is how you assess and manage risks you’re likely to face during and after your journey from one place to the next. These risks accrue to executives and company leaders who travel across countries or internationally and include travel accidents, kidnapping, robbery, information losses, and potential harm to loved ones traveling alongside the executive.

Due to these risks, anytime an Executive or high-net worth individual travels, they have to do so with protection — Executive protection. This usually involves the Executive having armed security guards experienced in protecting their clients physically and digitally so they can avoid losses or harm.

However, to fully protect their client, the Executive Protection agent must plan to realize all the travel risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing you, their Principal, and how they can protect you from these threats. They get to do this through a Journey Management Plan.

The question now is how do you successfully create a Journey Management plan for your Executive travel protection? You get to achieve that through the following:

  1. Risk Assessment

Regarding security, every situation is unique and has to be assessed individually to create an effective response — the same goes for Executive travel protection. To have an adequate Journey Management Plan, you and your protector must evaluate your situation thoroughly. Here, you’ll be trying to see any harmful occurrences you are at risk of experiencing during your travel and any existing loopholes in your travel protection strategy that put you at an increased risk of physical or cyber harm.

Remember that being an executive or high net-worth individual, you’re constantly at a higher level of risk compared to the average individual, so special care must be taken at this foundational point to uncover any vulnerabilities in your safety game. These vulnerabilities could be discovered from where you’re headed or the political climate at your destination.

  1. Monitoring and Surveillance

Developing a successful Journey Management plan will require rendering constant monitoring and surveillance as one of its cornerstones. Journey management includes prepping yourself for risks that may come up during and after your travel — and the only way you get to realize any troubles that come up during and after your trip which you hadn’t prepared for, is by having a team of experts who monitor your journey behind a desk and let you know if anything changes, different from what was expected to happen during and after your travel. These changes could be based on differences in climate, risk levels, and social stability in your destination territory, among others.

  1. Having an Emergency Plan

A successful Journey Management plan provides remedies to all types of situations where you could be at risk, including emergencies. Emergencies are the most critical situations to prepare for — matter of fact — because they usually stem from risks you haven’t planned for, and since these events happen more than we care to admit, it’s always in our best interests to be prepared for them.

After all, the four rules of planning go as follows: (i) Make the plan (ii) Execute the plan (iii) Expect the plan to go off the rails (4) And… Throw away the plan. That’s a classic Captain Cold line, by the way.

Having an emergency plan will include preparing what should be done when push comes to shove, and you’re in real danger — this usually involves survival training no matter how minute, having standby evacuators in your destination territory, or mapping out escape routes in wherever you’d be spending your nights, among others.

  1. Getting professional assistance

Who wouldn’t like to think we can do things independently without aid or assistance? Certainly everyone. If it were possible for just anyone to execute Executive Travel protection by themselves successfully, many would do it without a thought for getting professional assistance, despite the risks.

Fortunately, the world doesn’t work like that, and we sometimes have to ask for help from people with a high level of expertise in fields like Executive Travel protection to help with curating a Journey Management plan. In getting such assistance, it’s your job to ensure that the person whose help you’re enlisting has the requisite qualifications to assess your travel risks adequately and provide efficient solutions to them.

If you know you’ll not be able to examine potential hirees for the job thoroughly, you can also get professional assistance to take that burden off your shoulders — wild, uh?

‘Wild’ is the appropriate term because that’s precisely what we do at Security Pro; we’re in the business of researching, identifying, and connecting you with the best professionals the security industry has to offer, both in the fields of Executive travel protection and Journey management planning. The professionals we work with are well-vetted and well-experienced in curating protection plans for each client they serve in line with their (the client’s) unique situation.

So when you hire Security Pro to connect you with the professionals you need for not just Journey Management planning but also Executive travel protection, you can rest assured that you’re getting the cream of the crop — well-trained specialists who have all of the appropriate concealed carry licenses (CCW) and equipment such as bulletproof vests, extensive training in law enforcement or security, and ability to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

To begin the hiring process with us, you can easily schedule a brief (and free) consultation with us or contact us whenever you’re ready; we’ll be on ground to attend to you, helping you examine your travel security needs and what the next best steps would be for you to take.

  1. Protecting your family

No one’s an island; that’s a universal fact. Every high net-worth individual or Executive has one or two persons attached to them that could always be targeted by criminals to mount pressure on the concerned individual to do something they ordinarily wouldn’t do. As such, when making a Journey Management plan, you should consider the protection of your family members, especially your spouse and children, whether they’re traveling with you or not. 

Ensuring your family’s protection alongside yours is necessary if you want that overall sense of safety that allows you to travel from one territory to another without any avoidable worries, so a successful Journey Management Plan must reflect that.

  1. Cyber Protection

A successful Journey Management Plan will, apart from physical protection, reflect ways to ensure your digital security from cybercrimes, including theft of your sensitive information for ransom or sale to the highest bidder. Cybercrimes have advanced to that stage where you could lose information while on the road, at an airport, or by connecting to a public network in your destination territory, so your Journey Management plan should provide precautionary mechanisms you can employ to protect your data during and after your travel.


These are some salient factors to consider in creating a successful Journey Management Plan; if you need professional assistance in ensuring your Executive travel protection, look no further than Security Pro, we’re here to make your life easier and more secure on all fronts — physical or digital.

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