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Event Intelligence

Event Intelligence

Event Intelligence

What is Event Intelligence?

Events aren’t ‘wing it’ activities — these gatherings take months to years of planning, countless meetings, dollars spent, and time invested before they take place, so no problem unfolds when they do take place, hindering the event from delivering value to its organizers. However, not even the best planning and management measures can protect an event from hitches without accurate and actionable data.

Event Intelligence — the cornerstone of every event — is how you access these accurate and actionable data.

Event Intelligence is a security process bordered on information that helps you keep track of any future events in your area, enables you to strategize on how best to connect with people organizing these future events, allows you to gain insight into what’s happened at these events, and helps you ensure your security and safety while attending such events.

Event Intelligence contains valuable information based on data related to the location of the event you’re interested in, the estimated number of attendees, the event entry process, category of attendees (VIP or all and sundry), among others. These data give your Event Intelligence providers informed views on the safety levels guaranteed and security measures to take at the event.

With Event Intelligence, you get forward-looking, timely, accurate, and comprehensive event data giving you a deeper insight into the thoughts, behaviors, and intent of event organizers and attendees. This information helps you prepare accordingly for your security and safety before, during, and after the event.

Who needs Event Intelligence?

If you’re a high net-worth individual who gets invited to all sorts of gatherings and events from time to time, you should consider getting event intelligence. Event Intelligence will provide you with comprehensive information on security strategies to ensure your safety at these events, besides any procedure that may have been adopted by event organizers, because sometimes, those security measures may not be as comprehensive as needed to cover your security needs.

If you’re also a professional in a particular field looking to discover business opportunities at future events through networking, event intelligence will also go a long way in assisting you in achieving that objective. Event Intelligence from our specialist providers in the SSecurity Pro network can help you stay informed about future events around you, how you can get connected with the event organizers, and provide you with basic information about important personalities you should look to network with.

Further, if you’re a consistent event organizer who’d like to know if your event met its goals and delivered value, event intelligence is the way to go in making out that information. Event Intelligence provides a critical analysis of your event based on data or information gathered before, during, and after your event, pointing out loopholes you should improve on for next time.

However, if you don’t fall under any of these three categories but still feel you may need Event Intelligence for any reason, we’d be more than happy to help you vet those reasons and determine whether you need Event Intelligence or not.

You can quickly start that process by scheduling a brief and free consultation with us anytime. You can also contact us directly when possible; we’ll be on ground to attend to you.

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What to expect from Event Intelligence

As indicated earlier, Event Intelligence provides you with different types of information you can use for various purposes — ensuring your safety at an event or discovering whether your event was an actual success, among other objectives.

Real-time engagement analytics, pre and post-event reporting, and event management software integration are some of the many goodies you can expect with Event Intelligence.

When you hire an Event Intelligence Service provider through Security Pro, you can expect your service provider to swing to action — garnering important information concerning an event on your radar using technology that includes a mix of event management software, mobile apps, smart tags or other beacons, and more. The specific technology employed will depend on what kind of event you want to be investigated.

However, you must first identify your purpose for the intelligence you will gain — this will serve as the basis upon which your event intelligence needs are met. Your event intelligence needs can differ based on the type of event you’re investigating — for instance, your intelligence needs for a prominent political conference will differ from those for a company’s internal training event.

So it will be paramount to establish your intelligence needs first before the process gets kickstarted by your service provider.

Moving on, if you’re looking to implement event intelligence by yourself, perhaps because your intelligence needs are not as dire as one that would require a team effort, you can still expect the service provider we connect you with to act as a consultant and partner who will take the time and effort needed to put you through the process it takes to implement event intelligence technology successfully.

You will also be given actionable insights from data analysis; these actionable insights will provide you with advanced information about an event you’re attending or have organized, and will help you evaluate the success or return on investment (ROI) of such events and areas of improvement for future events.

These are the basic tenets of Event Intelligence you can expect to experience once you hire a service provider from Security Pro. The professionals and organizations in our network are tip-top solution providers who take your unique needs to account before undertaking intelligence gathering so you’re presented with relevant information, ensuring you get the best out of every event you’re involved in, no matter your goals for such events.

How to hire Event Intelligence Services

Now onto the nitty-gritty or, to put it simply, the hard part — determining how to hire the best hands for your intelligence needs. You already know what to expect from Event Intelligence services; how do you ensure you’re hiring the best team to provide these services with the utmost professionalism?

Well, that’s where we come in. What we do at Security Pro is simple — we research, identify and connect you with the best professionals across varying security fields, including Event Intelligence. We’re your one-stop shop for the industry’s best hands, regardless of your security or intelligence needs.

We work with credible organizations and individuals who have been vetted and possess a proven track record for approaching their work to ensure customer satisfaction above and beyond your expectations — and we can connect you with these professionals easily. How do we get to do that?

It starts with you — you can schedule a brief(also free) consultation with us or contact us anytime you’re ready for a meet-up; we’ll be on ground to attend to you. After that, we’ll have a sit-down with you, discussing your intelligence needs and whether or not, in our estimation, you do need Event Intelligence. 

If we do determine that you need Event Intelligence, then you can lay back and go about your day without any distractions because we’ll handle the rough work of sieving through as many potential service providers as possible and presenting you with the best of the best as options. If you need further assistance, we’ll also be available to cater to those.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s kickstart your journey today as an Event Intelligence accessor who’s well-protected and informed at any events on your radar.

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