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Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Guards

Who is a Security Guard?

Suppose you have a home or property you need to keep safe from dangers, threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. The type of professional you should be calling to help you with that is a Security Guard. Security Guards help you secure your property from different kinds of attacks like vandalism, terrorism, and arson, among others.

For Security Guards, the scope of work isn’t limited to protecting one person. It usually extends to protecting entire residential estates and communities where many people stay. This is why Security Guards usually carry out monitoring and surveillance for unusual activity at the site they’re placed in charge of.

Other functions Security Guards undertake include executing strict rules and regulations for all persons coming in and out of the site, conducting regular inspections for potential hazards and dangerous activity, and developing periodic reports based on their observations.

Where do Security Guards work?

Security Guards can work in any industry, and they can work for anybody; so as long as you have a property or community that needs protection, Security Guards are the way to go.

However, when Security Guards find themselves in sector-specific employment, their functions may be more detailed and specific compared to the general functions mentioned earlier, based on their employer’s needs. 

For instance, if a Security Guard works at a retail store, they will be expected to keep track of the merchandise coming in and out of the store and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in and out of the store.

Why do you need Security Guards?

Fending off criminal activity at your property can be made very easy just by having Security Guards present. Think of Security Guards as your one-stop means to send a message to anyone who would dare invade your property or residence that you won’t be an easy target.

So, Security Guards are very useful for preventing and foiling criminal attempts on your property, particularly in cases where criminals still decide to try something rash despite your placed security measures. 

Also, having a Security Guard at your property or residence is a good measure for ensuring your overall security and safety, especially if you’re a high-profile individual targeted by criminals. With a Security Guard, you can feel much safer, knowing that you and everyone at your property are protected from any dangers, threats, or risks.

What to expect from Security Guards

Here at Security Pro, we understand our clients have high expectations going into any employment transactions with Security Guards; after all, you want the best protection for the money you’re offering. 

This is why we work toward connecting you with tip-top companies that provide high-quality security services throughout the country. These companies have been researched, tried and tested with proven tracked records, and are hubs to Security Guards possessing lengthy years of experience in their field and prior experience in the military or police force.

When you hire Security Guards for your business, property, residence, or even an event through Security Pro, you can be sure you’re getting the best the industry has to offer.

Here are some factors to expect from the Security Guards we have researched and engaged:

  1. Integrity

With the Security Guards in our network, we know you’re essentially placing the safety of your assets and your life in their hands, which is why we only engage Security Guards with proven integrity, uprightness, and professionalism.

  1. Vigilance

A Security Guard must be 100% vigilant, physically and digitally; that’s the essence of their job. The companies we work with contain Security Guards that never take their eyes off the ball, in line with their already proven levels of professionalism.

With us, you can expect Security Guards that are well-experienced in identifying unusual activities at your residence, property, or business and averting potential dangers before any actual harm is caused.

  1. Digital Literacy

Contrary to public opinion, the scope of work for a Security Guard isn’t limited to physical protection anymore, especially given the technological advancements we have today that allow criminals to infiltrate properties and commit heinous acts seamlessly.

So with us, you can expect Security Guards that are well-versed in handling digital technology as part of their techniques for monitoring your property or event and protecting you or your business as best as possible.

  1. Communication

Effective communication is a cannot-do-without factor in securing a person’s life, property, business, or event. You shouldn’t be left in the dark on essential developments pertaining to your security, and that’s one of the cornerstones of the operations of the Security Guards in our network.

With our Security Guards, you can expect effective communication from time to time orally and in writing, on their observations and even recommendations on measures you may need to take to enhance your safety and security further.

To know more about what to expect from Security Guards, check out our blog post on the subject and other blog posts in our repertoire. Who knows? The answers to many security-based questions you have may be right there.

How to hire Security Guards

Hiring Security Guards should be easy, right? Pop your phone open, search ‘Security Guards for hire in the U.S’ online, and boom, you have many options to pick from.

But in the grand scheme of things, this process is too risky because you wouldn’t have taken the time needed to vet each security service provider you came across before hiring one; and there’s always the possibility that the one you choose to hire isn’t right for the job and handling your peculiar security needs.

That’s where we come in. What we do at Security Pro is simple — we research, identify and connect you with the most experienced and qualified professionals capable of handling your security needs. Our intermediary services cut across protective services, cybersecurity, investigations, and security consultancy, to mention a few.

Basically, before we connect you with a security service provider or personnel, we’ll undertake the rigorous activity of thoroughly vetting them to make sure they’re qualified enough and possess the requisite experience to help you achieve the security you seek. 

So, we take the burden of establishing credibility off your back by connecting you with only the best the industry has to offer. From there, you can begin negotiations with each one, resting assured that you’re in conversation with the best professionals with the capacity to handle your security needs and then, you hire whichever you’re satisfied with — easy peasy.

To kickstart the process through which you get to hire Security Guards with us, schedule a brief and free consultation with us quickly or contact us whenever you’re available. We’re just a click away, ready to answer your questions and assist you at any point in getting the right professionals to address your security needs.

What happens after hiring Security Guards

Once you’re done and dusted with the hiring process, you only need to relax, take a step back and let the professionals you’ve hired handle your security needs properly. 

Your Security Guard will maintain a well-equipped presence at your residence, property, business, or event and will also be inclined to curate a list of safety precautions there. These safety precautions will help enhance their performance on the job and help them cover all corners of your property as effectively as possible, leaving no room for vulnerabilities. 

Your Security Guard will also remain vigilant at all times to identify any unusual activities and swing to action quickly where necessary. The Security Guard will also inform you about any developments at your premises and actions you should take when an attack occurs, or your property is in imminent danger.

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