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7 Reasons why High Net-Worth Individuals should consider Hiring Executive Protection Services

7 Reasons why High Net-Worth Individuals should consider Hiring Executive Protection Services

If you’re a High Net-Worth individual, you have much more to lose than the average person roaming the streets. Get the hang of salient reasons why employing Executive Protection Services will be instrumental to keeping your welfare fit as a flea.

Seven Reasons why High Net-Worth Individuals should consider Hiring Executive Protection Services


Roses are red, and violets are blue; You may see red because not everyone loves you.

7 Reasons why High Net-Worth Individuals should consider Hiring Executive Protection Services

It’s 2022, and now more than ever, High Net-Worth Individuals are easy targets for individuals and groups ranging from business rivals envious of their fame and financial standing to straight-up criminals looking to get a share of your pie illegally.

But what does it mean to be a High Net-Worth Individual? If you earn north of half a ticket ($500k) or possess over $1 million in liquid assets, you’re in a different league – a league home to high-net-worth individuals.

One fact about High Net-Worth Individuals is they tend to tread carefully. As a High Net-Worth Individual, you’d likely have to walk on eggshells to successfully avoid any frenzies that could lead to physical or digital harm to you or your loved ones. That there is usually the foundation for Executive Protection Service hiring.

Famous and influential people subscribe to Executive Protection services to protect themselves, their families, assets, and their reputation from suffering unforeseen attacks from harmful people.

Sometimes, there may be an existing known threat that propels a High Net-Worth Individual to engage the services of Executive Protection agents; however, most times, it’s challenging to sense hazards and attacks from a mile away, and so, Executive Protection services are engaged as a preventive measure.

Whatever the case, it’s sacrosanct to engage the services of Executive Protection agents if you’re a High Net-Worth individual looking to secure your well-being and that of your family, assets, and reputation.

Here are seven cardinal reasons why you being a High Net-Worth individual, should consider hiring Executive Protection services:

  1. Personal Protection and Stalking Prevention

This is a foremost rationale because High Net-Worth individuals are unnecessarily endangered persons, typically due to the privileged position they find themselves in.

Take now-late American celebrities like the great John Lennon and Selena Quintallina, for example, to mention a few who were victims of gruesome murders by people crazed about them. These murders could have been averted if they had some protection on ground at the time. 

Being a High Net-Worth individual, you should be wary of the threats that accompany your position and fame and take adequate steps to stay safeguarded. 

Having present Executive Protection can always ward off harm from stalkers. Heard of the famous actress Jodie Foster? She was a prominent victim of pretty scary stalking by a certain John Hinckley, who got obsessed with her after her role in ‘Taxi Driver’ and even attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981 in a bid to win her love. 

That’s a solid example of why ensuring your safety at all times through engaging Executive Protection services is a proper and justified consideration. 

  1. Residential Security

You should consider hiring Executive Protection services to protect your home. As a High Net-Worth individual, having a real-time security presence in your home(s) and CCTV surveillance is only fitting because you and your family become prime targets for criminals once they know your privileged position. 

And where else would a criminal go to execute their mischievous escapade at trying to rob you of your assets, information, and money? Your home.

Sure, you probably think: ”I’ve got surveillance, so nothing can go wrong”. Well, not to be a party pooper, but that does not suffice. 

Most times, the perpetrators of criminal acts, including burglary and housebreaking, are donned in balaclavas, wear gloves, and often mask their number plates, so you find no trace of their identity when you opt for footage.

So now more than ever, High Net-Worth individuals have to engage the services of Executive Protection agents considering the rise in the number of attacks they face. Think about the robbery incident at famous soccer player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s home, where armed robbers broke into his home, bruised him, and carted away his assets. 

Having Executive Protection services for your home security will provide you with Intelligent Protection from security operatives who undertake surveillance in both the real world and the online world because of the rising threat posed by cybercriminals. They will also teach you and your loved ones about the importance of exercising discretion on social media so as not to advertise your whereabouts to potential thieves.

  1. Family Protection

Most High Net-Worth individuals place the safety of their family and property as a top priority. 

Ultra-high net-worth individuals are notorious for purchasing cribs for their families in the hills and enlisting private security firms to protect their family members there. Others who have minors they take care of usually enlist the services of Executive Protection agents to cater to their security needs.

An excellent example of a High Net-Worth individual who had this to a tee was Michael Jackson, whose security protocol has spoken to the press about the critical planning and hard work that went into handling the Jackson family’s logistics and personal security. 

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybercriminals threaten High Net-Worth individuals just as much as physical attackers. The range of attacks they can execute includes: iCloud accounts compromise, social media account hacks, mirroring and stealing sensitive business intel, etc.

Their activities are targeted and calculated, and celebrities often fall victim to the predatory actions of these hackers. Dakota Johnson and Miley Cyrus are some celebrities that have fallen prey to iCloud account compromise, leading to leaks of their private photos. 

A well-trained Executive Protection agent will guarantee your physical security and ensure that your digital footprint and, by extension, your reputation are protected.

  1. Attacks in New Terrain (for travelers)

Being a High Net-Worth individual requires you to travel very often, which exposes you to potential attacks each time you step out or even stay in the comfort of a hotel room. And the frequency of attack spontaneity heightens in unfamiliar territories. 

There have been cases of robberies and even brutalization of some High Net-Worth individuals, for instance, Kim Kardashian, who was left by her security team and robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016. Her case, however, reinforces the need to hire efficient Executive Protection Services as she was robbed after her security guard left her alone to escort her sisters to a nightclub. 

  1. Rising Terrorism

With the rise of Al-Qaeda and the diffusion of its influence via its affiliated Jihadist terrorist groups across the globe, High Net-Worth individuals, especially corporate executives, are now targets of terror attacks. 

These terrorist groups urge their trainees to target the less protected homes of high net-worth individuals. This option is preferred over attacks on the homes of high net-worth individuals in well-secured environments.

These terrorists could be fed with intel on your movements from just about anyone – an angry staff member, a business rival, or anyone willing to sell you out so, for a high net-worth individual, it’s usually recommended that you tie up any loose ends with the aid of Executive Protection agents.

  1. Safeguarding Trade Secrets

Embarking on a trip to just about anywhere puts you at risk of losing sensitive business information, including trade secrets. Threats to business secrets include ghosting (capturing all the sensitive data of a corporate executive by placing apple devices next to each other), Bluetooth attacks, and basic email compromise, to mention a few. 

As a High Net-Worth individual, you need to be shadowed by Executive Protection agents with expert knowledge on limiting digital vulnerabilities. This will go a long way in securing your information and business sustenance.


You may think you’re safe, but what if you aren’t? Hiring an excellent Executive Protection Agency may seem like an additional cost, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly given your upper-class position.

Convinced enough that you should hire excellent Executive Protection Services? Awesome! Now to the next part, getting connected with the experts you’re after, and (slowly raising our hands) Security Pro is just the medium to get this seamlessly. 

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