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Intelligence Training

Intelligence Training Intelligence Training What is Intelligence Training? You may wonder how attacks are sensed from a mile away and foiled, especially by security agencies in developed countries. Well, the answer to that puzzling thought is traceable to one source – Intelligence.  Intelligence is the practice of data collection, standardization, and analysis as generated by […]

Travel Risk Intelligence

Travel Risk Intelligence Travel Risk Intelligence What is Travel Risk Intelligence? Travel Risk Intelligence is what you get from Travel Risk Assessment. Before a person travels, they usually do basic research about their destination and how they plan to transport themselves, all-in-all trying to figure out any risks they may face on the way there […]

Threat Monitoring & Analysis

Threat Monitoring & Analysis Threat Monitoring & Analysis What is Threat Monitoring Analysis? To understand Threat Monitoring Analysis, let’s begin with what Threat Monitoring is.  Threat monitoring is a process dedicated to continuously identifying signs of security threats, such as attempts at intrusions or data exfiltration across company premises or company networks. Threat monitoring gives […]

Event Intelligence

Event Intelligence What is Event Intelligence? Events aren’t ‘wing it’ activities — these gatherings take months to years of planning, countless meetings, dollars spent, and time invested before they take place, so no problem unfolds when they do take place, hindering the event from delivering value to its organizers. However, not even the best planning […]

Locational Intelligence

Locational Intelligence What is Locational Intelligence? Locational Intelligence is more than simple data visualization on maps; it involves monitoring, data forensics, and manufacturing investigative intelligence from collecting and analyzing geographic and geospatial data to provide actionable insights for solving a particular societal or business problem. Quite often, it’s easy to mix Locational Intelligence with Business […]

Executive Risk Assessments

Executive Risk Assessments The face of any organization lies with its key senior executives.  In an age of endless social media, the digital footprint of senior leadership at some of the world’s largest companies are become easier for threat actors to locate and manipulate for myriad of nefarioius purposes.  Our analytical team will conduct a […]

Cyber Intelligence & Analysis

Cyber Intelligence & Analysis Our clients understand the threat actors live in both the physical and cyber domain. Therefore, our analysts use a multitude of OSINT, social media, human intelligence and even technical intelligence and acquired network data retrieved from the deep and dark web to uncover and prevent catastrophic risk. We help our clients […]

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence Predictive Intelligence Our clients not want actionable intelligence but they also want deeper insight into what future impacts there may be to their organization.  We help our clients stay ahead of the curve by intersecting key datapoints, open source intelligence (OSINT) from trusted sources and carefully assembled team of human sources that have […]