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Background Checks

Background Checks Background Checks What is a Background Check? When someone applies to work for you or applies for a prominent position in your company, you don’t just jump ahead to hire them. You’d naturally want to conduct some research to vet their character before hiring. This process is known as Background Checks. It is […]

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations Corporate Investigations What is Corporate Investigation? A Corporate Investigation occurs when a company or business is thoroughly evaluated to expose any wrongdoings committed by management, employees, or third parties affiliated with the company.  When a company employs Corporate Investigation services — whether on retainer or as a one-time hire, it could be for […]

Private Investigator

Private Investigator – Hire Corporate Investigators Private Investigator – Hire Corporate Investigators At Security Pro, we offer connections to proficient, trusted, and top-class private investigators across the United States of America to help uncover the evidence you need as soon as possible. The private investigators we work with deal with all types of cases — […]