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Six Salient Advantages of Hiring a good Executive Protection Agent

Six Salient Advantages of Hiring a good Executive Protection Agent

“The protection of a man’s person is more sacred than the protection of his property” — Thomas Paine.

Get conversant with the deep-rooted advantages of hiring an Executive Protection agent to procure your safety and security. 

Realizing whether you need Executive Protection can sometimes be challenging, even for a high net-worth individual. Yes, we all want daily protection, security, and safety from harm, but not all of us are familiar with the intricacies of achieving such protection. 

Plus, while we usually think we’re capable of handling our security needs alone, there’ll always be unavoidable circumstances that lead to us needing extra pairs of hands to address those needs efficiently.

These complexities that come with assuring our daily safety — digitally and physically — drive people to seek assistance from security professionals with high levels of experience to boot in offering protective services.

One such protective service — the most pronounced, is Executive Protection.

What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection is also known as Close protection. It refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of Very Important Persons or other high net-worth individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location.

Executive Protection is forked out by trained agents who specialize in providing you with the necessary physical and digital security you need to stay risk-free at all times. These agents offer protective services to protect high-profile clients from potential danger at their homes, places of work, and other locations their clients may visit. They also identify possible hostile situations they can divert from their clients’ surroundings.

From these alone, the benefits connected to hiring Executive Protection agents are pretty obvious; nonetheless, we’re taking a deep dive into a couple of distinct advantages that should reinforce in your mind, why it may be necessary for you to hire an Executive Protection agent sometime:

  1. Protecting your Corporate and Personal Welfare

Many people view life as man’s most priceless possession; it’s the pillar our daily activities rest on and our consequent successes or failures. 

Thus, the importance of ensuring all-round security for personal welfare cannot be understated. Executive Protection is the means through which we get to protect life adequately by professional and practical strategies that reduce risks of harm to ourselves and our establishments. 

These establishments include companies. Yes, we know that a company’s survival isn’t dependent on the lifetime of any person, but the negative effect of harm to a person’s welfare, on an organization has to be considered as well. 

With Executive protection, key figures in companies can be protected regularly from rising dangers and imminent risks to their welfare. This helps preserve business continuity and productivity and shows why large companies splurge whooping amounts of money on ensuring the security of key figures in their operations. 

  1. Controlling your digital footprints

Executive Protection agents are well trained in physical and digital security, which is handy because nowadays, we leave more digital footprints than physical, given the takeover electronic devices and the internet have had over how the world works or how we communicate.

If you’re someone at imminent risk of danger and looking to protect yourself, having an Executive Protection agent will help ensure you are protected digitally and physically. This is part of the mandate of Executive Protection agents to safeguard their principals on all fours, leaving no stones untouched and no loopholes in successfully executing their security strategies.

  1. Seamless travel experiences

80-hour work weeks, long days, short nights, and early flights — if you’re a high net-worth individual, this should typically be your reality.

As a public figure, celebrity, or dignitary, you’ll have to move around a lot by road, air, or sea — ventures which are already risky on their own accord; cut to the fact that you’d be at an increased level of risk because, by your status, you’ve become a prime target for criminals.

Hiring an Executive protection agent benefits you in this regard. These agents have the requisite expertise in handling issues related to logistics and transportation. As such, they usually plan ahead of time for their principals, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken whenever you travel so you’re protected physically and digitally before you travel, during your transit, and after you get to your destination.

Check; that’s one less issue on your plate.

  1. Increased productivity

When you have Executive protection, you can always rest assured that you’re getting professional assistance guaranteeing your security. As such, you’re just as free as the average man to go about your daily activities and be as productive as possible. 

Also, your productivity is secured through Executive Protection because these agents are trained to take certain time-consuming burdens off their clients’ shoulders. For instance, think of all the time it takes you to prepare for and then take a trip — there’s packing the bags, calling a cab, waiting for the cab, the lines at the check-in counter, going through security at the airport — and that’s only on one end of the trip.

Having an Executive protection agent who handles your travels and related logistics saves the time you would have spent if you were handling it, so you can spend that time on something productive. That’s just one of many examples of how having an Executive protection agent can help ensure your productivity.

  1. Never-ending surveillance

Successful protection comes from risk assessment and management, so surveillance is the crux of any security strategy we put in place to ensure our safety. After all, you can’t handle risks if you can’t detect any in the first place.

With an Executive Protection agent, you get this surveillance continuously. These agents are well versed in using state-of-the-art surveillance security systems that make monitoring your whereabouts and your level of safety at any time easy.

These systems and technologies include CCTV and body cameras that allow Executive Protection agents to stay in touch with you, stay aware of happenings around you, and know when to swing into action and rescue you from unforeseen dangers.

  1. Medical aid during emergencies

Sometimes, medical emergencies could spring up on you; these are usually unforeseen — hence the term ‘emergencies’. Think of the many people who’ve died because they were alone and unmonitored at the time they fell prey to an illness they had but never saw coming — got it? Now imagine how many would be alive today if they had someone around them — someone well-versed in administering emergency medical aid, for that matter.

That’s another benefit that hiring an Executive protection agent gets you. These agents are trained in administering first aid to their clients during cases of emergency because, as shown, the primary function of an Executive protection agent is to keep their principal safe and secure from all types of hazards — physical, digital, and even medical.

These are some of the salient benefits of hiring an Executive Protection agent. If you’re a high net-worth individual unsure of your need for Executive Protection, we’d be happy to help you quell that uncertainty. All you need to do is schedule a brief (and free) consultation with us anytime or contact us; we’ll be on ground to attend to your concerns.

Plus, if you are interested in getting Executive protection services, look no further than us at Security Pro; we’re in the business of researching, identifying, and connecting you with the best agents the industry has to offer; so let’s get started today with ensuring your safety and security on all fours — we’re waiting on you.