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Locational Intelligence

Locational Intelligence

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What is Locational Intelligence?

Locational Intelligence is more than simple data visualization on maps; it involves monitoring, data forensics, and manufacturing investigative intelligence from collecting and analyzing geographic and geospatial data to provide actionable insights for solving a particular societal or business problem.

Quite often, it’s easy to mix Locational Intelligence with Business intelligence; this is wrong because they’re two distinct concepts. Business Intelligence focuses on where business assets are situated and what has happened to a business. In contrast, Locational Intelligence focuses more on how the location of these business assets factors into their sustenance and how the location of a business influences whatever happens to it.

So, in a nutshell, Locational Intelligence involves deriving insights from analyzing location data to answer spatial questions and solve various problems for businesses and societies. These problems could include lifting Campaign ROI, balancing territory design, tracking employee travel, and making sound merger & acquisitions (M&A) decisions.

Besides geographic and geospatial data, other sources contributing to Locational intelligence include postal codes, physical office or facility addresses, and internal organizational data.

Why is Locational Intelligence relevant?

Locational Intelligence helps you uncover the unknown. With Locational Intelligence, you can easily and quickly follow your subjects of interest (SOIs) across geography and all imaginable identities for different uses. These uses could include finding optimal locations in retail business site selection, managing business assets in real time, and maintaining or repairing vital societal infrastructure.

Further, from a business standpoint, Locational intelligence allows your establishment to understand the existing consumer needs, trends, and competitive landscape in the region where you’re operating, so your business can make strategic decisions based on these consumer needs, assets in the area, and competitor presence.

So for corporate juggernauts looking to gain actionable insights to help their businesses grow, Locational intelligence becomes relevant. With Locational intelligence, organizations can gain insights into their owned assets in given areas, insights into customer needs in given regions, insights into the competitive landscape of specific areas, and insights into opportunities for potential partnerships that can help them expand their reach for a lesser cost.

These valuable insights are why many corporate executives, managers, and operators apply Locational Intelligence to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the territories where they operate.

To learn more about why Locational Intelligence would be relevant to your business or society, feel free to schedule a brief consultation or contact us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to cater to any uncertainties you may have and introduce you to how we provide you with value for money.

Here at Security Pro, we’re in the business of connecting communities and individuals with the best security professionals the security industry has to offer for various services — Executive Protection, Cyber security, Intelligence, Security Assessments; you name it, it’s right up our forte.

Our Security Pro network includes well-experienced professionals and organizations with expertise in Locational intelligence and a reputation for guaranteed customer satisfaction. These professionals are certified as required and possess background experiences in law enforcement, so you can rest assured that you’re getting guided by the best hands. 

What to expect from Locational Intelligence Providers

Firstly, when you hire a Locational Intelligence provider through Security Pro, you can expect that you’ll be connected to a professional with lengthy work experience in handling real-time communication intelligence solutions that comply with local regulations or laws and support all network types, so you’re covered on all fours. 

Also, your intelligence provider will be experienced in providing scalable real-time analytics, giving you actionable insights into your subject of interest. These analytics will be rooted in oral, documentary, and visual sources, so you can expect forensics involving turning voice data into intelligence (oral analytics).

This means your intelligence provider will monitor and analyze voices and other communication data in real time, highlighting only vital events of interest that’ll furnish you with insights to help resolve any threats against your welfare or your business’ sustenance. Besides these, your intelligence provider will also incorporate visual representations of your subjects of interest — be it your business assets, competitor assets, or customer locations.

Where necessary, your intelligence provider will also advise you on any existing need to bring law enforcement agencies into the mix, providing them with encrypted handover interfaces.

Finally, interpretation. This is the cornerstone of your business with your intelligence provider — you want a comprehensive understanding of the information forming your investigative locational intelligence so you can get actionable insights on what steps you should take next to protect yourself, your business, or your society. 

This will be provided by your intelligence provider in an easy-to-understand format, letting you know what the information garnered means for your business or society and what steps you can take to protect yourself further or increase your success.

How to hire Locational Intelligence Providers

Now to the nub you’ve waited for — how to access Locational intelligence through experienced, competent, and professional Locational intelligence providers.

The internet’s a complicated space, undoubtedly, despite its many benefits. If you discussed your intelligence needs with a friend and your desire to hire a competent intelligence provider, they’d likely advise you to carry out an online search, check for star ratings, read available feedback, the whole shebang you’d run through while searching for the best hangout spots in the city.

But Locational intelligence provision is no walk in the park; it is a technical art requiring the execution of complex measures to provide you with actionable insights for your enhanced strategic corporate decision-making. As such, the process of discovering an intelligence provider capable of catering to your unique needs can be daunting and demanding.

Still, what if we told you there’s a scenario where the burden of this hiring process could be lifted off your shoulders just like that? You’d only have to supply basic info going into the hiring process, and after, you can go on with your day and business, assured that the difficulty of figuring out the who’s who of the security industry’s Locational intelligence providers is being handled by top-tier professionals.

That’s the service we provide at Security Pro. To put in simple terms what it is we do, we research, identify and connect you with the best security professionals the industry has to offer — locational intelligence providers inclusive. We work with security professionals who have been examined thoroughly, engaged with, and seen to possess proven track records of their experience and professionalism in their respective security fields.

These professionals and intelligence experts in the Security Pro network will ensure you get the best intelligence data. 

The process involved in accessing these experts is straightforward — you can schedule a brief (and free) consultation with us or contact us whenever you’re ready to discuss your Locational intelligence needs and if there are any particular challenges you’re facing that you would want to be handled by an accordingly intelligence expert. 

After that, we’ll get to work — sieving through the various professionals in our network and engaging with them, especially, so we know who would be the best fit for your unique needs, but of course, we won’t make the final decision for you.

Following our research and examination of potential hirees, we’ll present you with the best options to choose from according to the criteria you’d like to employ.

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