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Residential Security: 9 Things your Executive Protection Team can do to ensure your Safety

Residential Security: 9 Things your Executive Protection Team can do to ensure your Safety

Think “Home Alone” all over; only this time, eight-year-old Kevin has an Executive Protection team to foil break-ins and attacks.

Living as a busy mogul can be tasking but what’s more pressing about that life is the challenge of dealing with the need to ensure your safety alongside that of your family and others affiliated with you. 

Whether you’re an innate loner or extrovert, a universal truth that can’t be challenged is the fact that we need people; people need people to survive. And the same can be said for the high-profile individuals of the world who surround themselves with close friends and family members with whom they share special moments.

Within a residential setting, it becomes the individual’s duty to ensure their safety and the security of those around them, and as we know, being a high net-worth individual comes with a lot of perks and burdens too. One such prominent burden is the constant worry that the individual or their family may be exposed to physical attacks or harassment.

This often prompts high-profile individuals to hire Executive Protection Services to better their residential protection and keep their homes secure enough to make even Fort Knox proud.

But down to business, before choosing to hire Executive Protection Services for your residential security, it helps to know what these services bring to your table and how they benefit you. This information enables you to make a well-informed decision on what your security needs are and what Executive Protection company can cater best to those needs.

Here are nine top things your Executive Protection Team can do to keep your home safe from attacks of any kind:

  1. Preventive Protection

Many people do not see the distinction between how an Executive Protection agent operates and how a Bodyguard operates at first. 

While both are trained protectors, the Executive Protection agent undergoes more rigorous and advanced training toward foiling attacks of any kind. That’s why these agents are always skilled in hand-to-hand combat, handling digital technology, and may even possess a military background or FBI experience.

Also, while the Bodyguard swings to action only when danger occurs, an Executive Protection agent takes action before a potential risk becomes an imminent peril. 

So while a Bodyguard is reactive to danger, an Executive Protection agent goes ahead of any such possibility to prevent it — we’re talking advance tactics, route reconnaissance, embus and debus plans, area surveillance, movement safety, the whole nine yards. These aren’t tenets Bodyguards operate.

So the same applies to residential protection; an Executive Protection Agent will take advanced steps to protect your residence from any potential dangers before they can even occur; that’s why Executive Protection Agents often come recommended for high-profile individuals, over and above bodyguards.

  1. Cyber Security

When you hear Executive Protection, you probably think of physical security immediately rather than digital; that’s not the case. As much as residential protection requires physical protection, your Executive Protection team will also cater to your digital security

With how connected we all are via the internet today, you could easily face cloud compromises even in your home. A million and one things could go wrong when we leave digital footprints for cybercriminals to trace. For instance, you could get hacked and lose your information or be forced to pay a ransom to get them back, which means you’d have to suffer financial losses. 

Engaging the services of an Executive Protection team will enable you to have digital protection through advanced practices like rock-solid email encryption, prevention of geo-tagging, avoidance of phishing attacks, etc. 

  1. Risk Intelligence

There’s no better way to prepare for something than to anticipate it and plan accordingly. And that right there is the cornerstone of the operations of an Executive Protection team.

When it comes to residential security, Executive protection agents have the training to enable them to think outside the box on ways to fathom possible threats, risks, and uncertainties. Having discovered these threats and risks, the team can draw up a blueprint to avert them and prep both you and your family members on how to deal with any of these threats if they get actualized.

  1. Presence of Security Guards 

Shia LaBeouf dubbed it best — “the ministry of presence…”; sometimes, that’s all you need.

It may seem basic or uninteresting, but having well-equipped guards at your residence sends a direct message to anyone who would dare to invade your privacy, and that’s what you get from an Executive Protection team.

Plus, even when the team isn’t actively defending you from criminals or stalkers or anyone who’d want to harm you, they’ll stay busy ensuring your security is as tight as can be, so it’s a win-win.

  1. Security Site Assessment

There’s a reason why hiring Executive Protection services takes a different road than other security services. You could place a call to an Agency today and request that agents be sent down to protect you, and the Agency may even oblige. But that’s not how things typically work.

To guarantee maximum security, the Executive Protection Agency would typically request to see your residence to generate a customized protection plan for you and every other person that resides there. You’ll even be asked a few questions about any security concerns you may have about your area, what your current security strategies are, etc.

The Executive Protection Agency may also scout your residence to see if your home would require armed physical protection, CCTV surveillance, and the likes. 

This customized procedural build-up is what you get from an Executive Protection team and no other form of security provider in the industry. 

  1. Surveillance

Picture this: a watchtower harboring guards at a holding facility to sense, prevent and possibly, quell security breaches. 

Got it? 

Surveillance shares much semblance with this security setup. An Executive Protection team will typically undertake surveillance activities to ensure your residence is always safe. Such surveillance activities would mainly include installing CCTV monitoring devices at vantage points in your home.

On the surface, this action may seem to have sorted the problem of sighting and foiling attacks and identifying potential burglars, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Imagine a scene where burglars break in and get out uncaught despite your CCTV installation, and you can’t even identify them from your CCTV recording because they’ve donned balaclavas on their heads and masked their car plate numbers.

So, in addition to existing security measures, an Executive Protection team may also insist on staffing situated at entry and exit points in your residence to get extra eyes on potential break-in attempts. 

  1. Medical Expertise 

Truthfully, your residence may be a risk for you or a family member not because of a potential or existing threat but due to health emergencies. 

Most Executive Protection agents are trained to be first and immediate responders to medical emergencies. The end goal, like security measures, is to ensure that your life and the well-being of your family are well secured. 

Executive Protection agents are well-versed in administering first aid treatment and CPR treatment. They also possess a mastery of automated external defibrillator (AED) devices that can help keep ailing clients alive and stable before hospital care comes into play.

  1.  Security Awareness for Residents

Professional Executive Protection agents would ideally prepare a security blueprint and routine to safeguard your residence and its residents. However, one part of the security checklist that’s often downplayed is the provision of security tips to residents.

An Executive protection team can do this by highlighting and teaching expected reactions from residents in the case of an attack, all geared towards facilitating a seamless operation for security personnel at the residence. 

For instance, if there’s been a security breach, the Executive Protection team would have informed residents before such a breach to move to the basement or secret exit within the residence.

  1. Routine Halls and Walls

The enemy within is undoubtedly more equipped and dangerous than the enemy without. 

A client may have staff members who’re double agents trying to obtain sensitive information from their residence by bugging the place or gaining access to their computers.

The role of an Executive Protection team in discreetly foiling such attempts should not go unnoticed, as these teams usually execute a sweep of private property to identify foreign gadgets and shady mobility.

Executive Protection teams can do a whole lot to safeguard your residence from physical and digital attacks, so the reasons given here are not exhaustive; however, they are testamentary to the fact that if you’re a high-profile individual looking to ensure your residential security, you should consider getting an Executive Protection team on your side.

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