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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

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What is Corporate Investigation?

A Corporate Investigation occurs when a company or business is thoroughly evaluated to expose any wrongdoings committed by management, employees, or third parties affiliated with the company. 

When a company employs Corporate Investigation services — whether on retainer or as a one-time hire, it could be for several factors they want to look into regarding every facet of their operations — the legitimacy of a business partner, for instance, whether an employee has committed fraud or embezzlement of any sort, or if the company itself is running smoothly and within the tenets of the law by all indications.

The Many Faces of Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation isn’t a one-trick pony type of service. An investigator can conduct different facets of Corporate Investigation for your company, depending on what you’re trying to examine in your business. 

Say you’re looking into employee misconduct; for instance, the investigator can conduct an undercover investigation. If you’re trying to uncover whether your company’s digital information is at risk of being stolen, the investigator could conduct an e-discovery or electronic investigation, collecting evidence from your digitally stored information and giving you an informed report based on the evidence.

There are other factors a company can investigate as well, leading to the need to employ Corporate Investigation services; these include intellectual property infringements, financial fraud, corporate irregularities, insurance and pension cases, and every other item that concerns a business on planet Earth — these factors all come under the umbrella of Corporate Investigations.

Corporate Investigation is also not limited to just internal investigations; you could employ these services if you doubt the legitimacy of a company or business you’re dealing with. In such an instance, Corporate Investigation would present you with legally and professionally obtained information about the company that can help put your mind at ease quickly regarding the company’s authenticity.

Why do you need Corporate Investigation?

A business’s success or failure depends on whether it has the correct information at the right time to make the right decisions, and Corporate Investigations can be the ultimate revealer of that needed information. Corporate Investigation unveils loopholes in a company’s operations that could easily lead to financial losses. So if your company’s looking to be protected from such losses, you should consider hiring Corporate Investigation services. 

Corporate Investigations help protect organizations from losing their proprietary information, abuse or misuse of computer networks to steal company information, and damaged reputations. It also empowers companies with the information they need on their operational flaws to avoid losses, sustain themselves well, and succeed.

If you suspect there’s an unlawful activity taking place at your business premises, or you’d like to be protected from any potential illegal activity taking place, you should get Corporate Investigation services. Corporate Investigation caters to the well-being of your business or company and gives you an unprejudiced look at loopholes in your company’s operations.

If you’re looking for further clarification on if your business needs would require corporate investigation services, we’d be happy to discuss that with you in a brief and free consultation.

A t Security Pro, we’re in the business of researching the best professionals in the fields of security, protection, and investigations that you can be connected with. Think of us as the middlemen who carry the burden of establishing the credibility of the investigator or company you work with to carry out Corporate Investigations on your business operations.

Helping companies avoid unnecessary losses is one of the cornerstones of our operations, and we can help connect you with the very best in the field that we have engaged, researched, and worked with.

What to expect from Corporate Investigation services

Say you’ve hired Corporate Investigation services; it’s helpful to know what to expect from the company or investigator you’re working with. However, you should know that the output of corporate investigation depends first on what you’re trying to scrutinize, so it’s essential to be specific about your needs so the investigator can approach your situation with the right tools and techniques.

Typically though, you can expect the following measures to be adopted as part of Corporate Investigation processes:

  • Due diligence

  • Cyber forensics

  • Background Check

  • Security Penetration checks

  • Bug sweeps and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

  • Employee Integrity tests

  • Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance

These are some of the measures usually adopted by the organizations we work with here at Security Pro; these measures are the foundational tenets of the investigative services they offer to thoroughly examine your business operations on all fours, including the digital and physical aspects.

Also, here at Security Pro, the organizations within our network are vested with employees with extensive knowledge and experience in the police force and intelligence management. This experience includes investigating and researching irregularities, including disciplinary and criminal offenses such as bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes.

These organizations make this expertise available to private companies needing advice or assistance in managing cases where there are suspicions of irregular activity within their premises.

How to Hire Corporate Investigation Services

Hiring credible companies that provide Corporate Investigation services can be strenuous, particularly when determining the authenticity of the organizations or investigators you come across. However, that process is now made easy for you through us at Security Pro.

What we do is simple — we conduct due diligence on players in the field of security and protection that offer Corporate Investigation services to companies who suspect unlawful activities being perpetrated within their premises. These investigative service providers are then connected with you, and your investigation scheme gets built up from there.

We work with the best the industry offers, so you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth in any exchange with us. If you’d like to start the process of getting connected to credible options you can choose from and you’d be sure can handle your peculiar investigative needs, kindly schedule a brief and free consultation with us or contact us anytime you want; we’ll be on ground at all times to attend to you.

What happens after hiring Corporate Investigation services? 

After hiring investigative services through Security Pro to help detect unlawful activities in your company, you should typically expect investigators swinging to action, placing monitoring and surveillance tools all over your premises, and questioning the integrity of your employees, the whole nine yards.

But that’s not what happens with the organizations and investigators we work with. Instead, your service provider will initially subject your company to complex considerations whenever suspicion of an irregularity arises. These considerations include:

  • Does the suspicion warrant further investigation, and can the suspicion eventually be validated?

  • What type of investigation should be launched, and would there be a need to bring in specific expertise?

  • How can the investigations be carried out properly and professionally, with the needed confidentiality?

  • How would the required evidence and documentation be secured for the investigation?

  • How would the results of the investigations be interpreted, and what decisions could the results lead to?

These are the salient questions the company or investigator you’re connected with would have to deal with before they can perform the necessary investigations aimed at not just correcting a flaw in your business’s operations but also removing any doubts that your company has taken steps to prevent any losses in its book.

The investigators will be supported by analysts and researchers who will assist with collecting, handling, and analyzing the data uncovered during the investigation.

An investigative plan will also be prepared to define the scope of the investigation and keep the investigation on schedule and on budget. The investigative plan will also help identify potential pitfalls for your business. If a government agency or regulator is involved or is likely to become involved in the factor you’re investigating, a thorough plan may be needed to assist your company in showing that you treated the factor or issued allegation seriously and responded appropriately.


Besides the scope of the investigation, the investigative plan will also include information on what jurisdictions will be the focus of the investigation, what documents and data will be reviewed, who will be interviewed, and which financial records will be targeted in any forensic audit component of the investigation.

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